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Main OpenLayers API File

This file holds the main Drupal hook functions, and the openlayers API functions for the openlayers module.


openlayers_behaviorWe define base classes in the core module. All other parent classes can be autoloaded through ctools.
openlayers_layer_typeWe define base classes in the core module. All other parent classes can be autoloaded through ctools.

Functions & methods

openlayers_behaviorsGet all behaviors.
openlayers_boxes_pluginsImplements hook_boxes_plugins().
openlayers_build_mapPrepare a map for rendering.
openlayers_ctools_plugin_apiImplements hook_ctools_plugin_api().
openlayers_ctools_plugin_typeImplements hook_ctools_plugin_type
openlayers_error_check_mapChecks map array for incompatibilities or errors.
openlayers_get_extentGet extent given projection
openlayers_get_layer_objectGet layer object
openlayers_get_resolutionsGet resolution given projection
openlayers_helpImplements hook_help().
openlayers_includeInclude necessary CSS and JS for rendering maps
openlayers_layers_export_loadGet all openlayers layers.
openlayers_layers_loadGet all openlayers layers as objects.
openlayers_layer_deleteDelete a layer object from the database.
openlayers_layer_export_loadMenu loader for layers. %openlayers_layer_export
openlayers_layer_loadMenu loader for layers. (%openlayers_layer)
openlayers_layer_sanity_checkCheck layer to determine whether it has all the necessary attributes to be rendered. This is necessary because of API changes, and is a consolidation from other layer-error-checking in this module
openlayers_layer_typesGet all layer types.
openlayers_layer_type_loadMenu loader for layer types.
openlayers_object_deleteDelete an object from the database.
openlayers_openlayers_behaviorsImplements hook_openlayers_behaviors().
openlayers_openlayers_layersImplements hook_openlayers_layers().
openlayers_openlayers_layer_typesImplements hook_openlayers_layer_types().
openlayers_openlayers_presetsImplements hook_openlayers_presets().
openlayers_openlayers_stylesImplements hook_openlayers_styles().
openlayers_presetsGet Presets from DB or code, via cache.
openlayers_preset_deleteDelete a preset object from the database.
openlayers_preset_loadGiven a preset name, get full preset object.
openlayers_preset_optionsGet preset options in an array suitable for a FormAPI element.
openlayers_preset_saveSave a preset object to the database.
openlayers_render_mapRender map array
openlayers_stylesGet all openlayers styles.
openlayers_style_deleteDelete a style object from the database.
openlayers_style_loadLoad a style object by name.
openlayers_style_saveSave style.
openlayers_themeImplements hook_theme().